We open personal accounts for residents of EU/EEA/EFTA countries and for businesses that are registered in those countries. 

Here is a list of countries that we do not do business with yet*: 

1. Afghanistan;

2. Angola;

3. Burundi;

4. Central African Republic;

5. Congo, the Democratic Republic;

6. Cote D'Ivoire;

7. Crimea;

8. Cuba;

9. Eritrea;

10. Gaza Strip;

11. Guinea Bissau;

12. The Islamic Republic of Iran;

13. Iraq;

14. Lebanon;

15. Liberia;

16. Libya;

17. Mali;

18. Myanmar;

19. North Korea;

20. Sierra Leone;

21. Somalia;

22. South Sudan;

23. Sudan;

24. Syria;

25. Venezuela;

26. West Bank (Palestinian Territory, Occupied);

27. Yemen;

28. Zimbabwe.

*If you live in the above listed territories, your nationality or citizenship is one of the above territories, you are a resident, have registered property, established business or otherwise have relations with any of the territories mentioned above, unfortunately, we cannot work with you yet.