To start using our services, you will have to verify your identity first.

Our self-verification process is available 24/7 and you should be able to verify yourself within 5 minutes by using a national ID card or passport.

How the 5-minute self-verification process works?

Note: Keep your shirt on! Your verification process is recorded on camera. This helps us to avoid identity scammers and that’s why we don’t accept emailed or uploaded photos.

1. Have your document nearby. 

The session will close after 5 minutes.

2. Have a valid document. 

Make sure it’s not expired or physically damaged.

3. Use a device that has a camera

Uncover the camera lens and use one of the following browsers:

PC: Chrome and Firefox 

Mac: Safari and Chrome 

Mobile: Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android

4. Use your full legal name. 

If you’re John Smith, use it proudly. Nicknames, pseudonyms and usernames such as Johnny or John S won’t work. 

5. Good lighting does wonders. 

Keep in mind that dark rooms and too much background light produces bad photos. 

Also, please remove your glasses, headphones, and other headgear. They may look stylish, but make it harder for us to compare you with your photo on your ID/passport.

6. Go through the verification process on your own.

Helpful assistance is one thing, sinister coercion is quite another. When in doubt, we’ll err on the side of caution. 

7. Take a clear and readable photo.

We’ll show you a frame. Fit the whole document in it. This helps prove it’s all there. If the photo is blurry or poorly lit, click “Try again” and upload a better photo.

8. Both sides, please! 

If you’re using an ID card, driver’s license, or residence permit to verify your identity, photograph both sides of the document. 

9. Using a passport? 

Take a picture of the data page. It has your photo, personal details, and other data we use for verification. 

10. “Portrait and document” 

Lastly, we will need a photo of you holding the document. Both the document and your face must be fully visible and in focus.