To prove your address please provide complete, high-quality, readable copies of one of the following documents:

  • An ID that has your address on it (can not be the same document that was used for verification);
  • Residence permit with your address indicated on it.

Any of the following documents cannot be older than 90 days (3 months):

  • Any of the following statements:
    • Financial/Bank/Building Society/Credit Card Statements in PDF format or received via post.
  • Utility Bills:
    • Water/Electricity/TV/Gas/Council Tax Bills.

Any of the following documents cannot be older than 180 days (6 months):

  • Official letters from:
    • Government Bodies/Home Office/Treasury/Revenue & Customs/Educational Institutions/Real estate lease agreement (provided that this agreement is signed with participation of an official real estate agency or registered in public institution).
  • Other documents:
    • If you have any other relevant document that could prove your address but it is not mentioned above, you may still submit it and our team will review it.

Note: the documents must contain your full address and must match the date requirements above.