To create a business account, open the home page and click "Register"

The home page can be found here:

Then select "Apply for business account":

Please submit all the details prompted during the registration process and upload all the documents requested:

1.    Extract from the Trade Register and Director’s Register if it is not included in the Trade Register (document must be signed by director and not to be older than 1 year);

2.    Shareholders Register (document must be signed by director and not to be older than 1 year);

3.    ID copies of directors and shareholders who own 25% or more of the company;

4.    ID or Passport Director;

5.    License (if required for business).

Note: before onboarding you as a business client we may request additional documents. Business has to be registered in any of the EU/EEA/EFTA countries, however, Shareholders' or Beneficiaries' country of residence could be any country unless it is not included in our Unsupported countries list, as well as not to operate in the prohibited industry (please read more about it in Information required section). You may also check the list of the countries we do not do business with here.

Afterwards, you, as the company's representative, will be redirected to verify your identity so make sure you have your ID nearby. More information about how to verify your identity could be found here.

Make sure when registering for business account your business is not operating in prohibited industry. You may see the prohibited industries list below: 

  • dating and escort services; 
  • pornography; 
  • weapons; 
  • trading in precious metals, stones or art; 
  • running an auction house; 
  • cashback services; 
  • chemicals and related products; 
  • video-game arcades; 
  • trading in cryptocurrency; 
  • selling second-hand cars; 
  • binary options or gambling; 
  • debt collection; or trading in prime-bank guarantees, debentures, letters of credit or medium-term notes.

Note: we strictly comply with ML/TF directive and all applicable laws, every business onboarding case is reviewed separately. 

Please carefully go through all information needed before registering and paying the on-boarding fee, which is not refundable.  

Check it out the business account registration video prior the business account registration! 

Also, you can read the information required for business account registration here.