We provide an option to top up your TeslaPay account from any of your cards that supports 3D secure.

For the first top-up, you need to register your card.

If you want to transfer funds from a virtual card or one where the cardholder's name is not shown? 

You will need to send us a scanned copy of the official confirmation letter from the issuing bank/company verifying that you are the cardholder. The document must contain the card number, your full name, and bear the stamp of the bank/company that issued the card.

How to register your card for top-up?

1. On the main page of your account, choose Deposit funds -> Registered cards

2. In the right corner click the "Register New Card" button.

3. Fill in the form. Do not forget to take a photo of your card from both sides and to cover the requested numbers on it.

    Only photos of cards with covered numbers will be accepted. 

4. After your card was reviewed, the status will change:

  • from "New" to "Verified" if the card is accepted, or
  • from "New" to "Rejected" if the card is not acceptable. You can click on the card's number to check the reason for rejection. 

How to top-up your account from the card?

1. On the main page of your account, choose Deposit funds ->Deposit from card.

2. Fill in the form with top-up details.

    Please select the card currency to replenish your TeslaPay account to avoid currency exchange costs.

    Your TeslaPay account is multicurrency, and your transfer will be deposited in the currency that you selected here.

Note: Transfers from third parties are not accepted. Funds that are not accepted are returned to the sender. However, an additional service fee for handling card transaction will be withdrawn from the refunded amount.

3. After you filled in top-up details, you need to confirm your transaction by entering card data and by any other action             requested by your card provider.