If you inserted your card into an ATM but it was swallowed, we kindly ask you to stay near the ATM for a bit:

  1. Wait a few minutes. Sometimes an ATM may spit your card back out, particularly if the ATM reboots. The waiting time should be around 10-15 minutes. 
  2. However, if your card was not spat out after 15 minutes, your card was most likely destroyed. ATM's destroy swallowed cards immediately to prevent fraud.

If you think that your card has been destroyed by an ATM, please log in to your TeslaPay account, transfer all the remaining cash from your card to your account and order a card replacement. 

Reasons why ATM machines swallow cards:

- Incorrect PIN number entered repeatedly.

- Chip and pin problems - chip on your card was damaged.

- Suspicious activity with your card. If any suspicious activity was noticed on your card, it may get swallowed by an ATM.

- ATM machine error or reboot.