International payments in EUR, GBP, RUB and PLN are available in your personal area.

How to create an international payment?

1. Login to your TeslaPay account, click on Payments, and choose International payment in the panel on the left side.

2.  Fill in the required information in General section:

  • Choose the correct currency for your payment.
  • Write the amount of your transfer.
  • The Payment fee is calculated automatically based on ECB (European central bank) exchange rate without an additional exchange rate.
  • Charges types are applicable only for payments in GBP, PLN, and CHF currencies. You can read more about charges types here.
  • It is possible to choose priority for the payment only for payments in EUR: urgent - payments will be executed on the same day if you created it until 13:00 Vilnius time, standard - 1 working day.

3. It is important to fill in the correct and full information about the beneficiary.

Please note that for payments in RUB, you need additionally to write beneficiary INN and KPP (if it is requested by the beneficiary).

4. For international payments, it is mandatory to fill in correct and full beneficiary bank information as well.

5. If you need/want to make a payment through a specific intermediary bank, mark the checkbox Intermediary bank and fill in the information in the new form.

6. It the end, write in the payment details and, if you have, add the document to prove the payment.

7. After all data is filled in, you need to click Create and to confirm your payment with SMS code.