Your TeslaPay account is a payment account which, in addition to other functionalities, enables you to carry out SEPA and non-SEPA payments as well as convert money to another currency. TeslaPay is opened and governed by the Payment Service Directive (Directive 2007/64/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13th November 2007) and the national laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Please select your account plan:

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All your transactions (including your current balance, the money you have uploaded, received, sent and/or withdrawn) are recorded in the operation history section of your TeslaPay account:

When applying to open an account, you agreed to and accepted all the risks associated with maintaining balances in multiple currencies, including any risks associated with fluctuations in the relevant exchange rates over time. You agreed that you would not use our services for speculative trading. To read more about how to exchange money, click here.

When accepting the General Terms and Conditions you agreed to always have a zero or positive balance in your TeslaPay account. If your TeslaPay Account goes into a negative balance, as a result of a charge-back, the reversal of a transaction, deduction of fees or any other action carried out by you, you had agreed to repay the negative balance immediately without any notice from us. We may take reasonable actions to recover the negative balance from you, for example, we may use a debt collection service or take further legal actions. We will charge you for any costs we may incur as a result of additional collection efforts.

You are responsible for any taxes which may apply to payments you make or receive, and it is your responsibility to collect, report and pay the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority.