You can close your TeslaPay account at any time by contacting our customer support team.

Make sure to have all your money withdrawn from your card and your account before closing your account.

To withdraw your money from your card:

A) Use an ATM. The instructions on how to withdraw money from an ATM can be found here

B) Transfer money from your card to your account by following the instructions below: 

    1) Log in to your TeslaPay account and select Cards -> Withdraw from card:

    2) Under Payment amount enter the exact amount that you have in your card. In the example below, the outstanding balance on the card is 23 EUR. Therefore, the payment amount that should be entered is 23 EUR. Click Save:

    3) Confirm the withdrawal by entering your payment password and the code received via SMS. Click Sign:

If you still have money in your TeslaPay account, you must withdraw it before sending a request to close your account. 

Once your money is withdrawn from your card, please carry out a bank transfer to withdraw money from your account:

Log in to your account and on the left-hand side click Payments -> European Payments:


Then please submit the mandatory fields: 

Payment Amount;

Beneficiary Account;

Beneficiary Name;

Beneficiary Country;

Beneficiary Address;

Payment Details (description of the payment).