There are plenty of ways you can reach us:

1. Live Chat. If you have a question about our product, feel free to use the live chat. Simply press on the chat icon, and you will be greeted by our chatbot Tapy. 

Tapy only speaks in English for now, so please be kind to him. :) 

Feel free to ask Tapy any question in English, and if there is a related support article, he will redirect you to it. If you did not get the answer you were looking for after chatting with Tapy, you will be provided with 3 more options - Try again, Leave a message, and Talk to an Agent. 

If you would like to be connected with us via live chat, select the Talk to an agent option (only available during support hours):

2. Leave a message. During non-support hours, after chatting with Tapy, you will see 2 more options - Rephrase your question and Create a ticket. If Tapy's suggestions were not helpful for you, please select the Create a ticket option:

We will get back to you as soon as we are back online. :)

3. Email. Get in touch with us via email at

4. Contact us. Simply fill out the contact us form on our website.