In TeslaPay we give a chance for our clients to make a Mobile Payments. 

To make a mobile payment you will have to log in to your Personal Area.

Go to Payments and choose Mobile Payments. 

In the new window you will be asked to enter these details: 

Account number: if you have more than 1 account number, you will have to choose from which account number you will want to make a mobile payment. 

Payment amount: the minimum amount fr the mobile payment is 1 EUR. 

How to notify: the beneficiary of the mobile payment will be notified with the SMS. 

Beneficiary's mobile number: to make a mobile payment you will have to enter beneficiary's mobile number.

Beneficiary's name: here you will type in the beneficiary's name

When these details will be entered, please, click on "Save"

After clicking "Save" you will be able to see the details you have entered, and if everything is correct, request for a confirmation code. When you will receive a code, enter it, and click "Sign". 

When the Mobile Payment will be signed, the beneficiary, will receive the SMS with instructions, how to receive their payment. 

Note: if in 3 days beneficiary will not take any actions, that are given in the SMS they received, the money will return back to your account.