All holders of business account must choose a monthly tariff plan based on their needs of the amount of monthly incoming funds to the account. In our price list, you can check the levels for the corresponding monthly account maintenance fee.

Note: if the amount of your incoming funds will exceed the allowed monthly amount by your tariff plan, we will update it automatically to the higher monthly account maintenance tariff plan.

How can I choose or change my monthly account maintenance tariff plan?

Before you can choose your monthly account maintenance tariff plan, you need to deposit some funds to your account to unblock it.

1. After you deposited to your account, click the "Tariffs" button on the main page of your account. 

2. On the opened page you can see which monthly account maintenance tariff plan is set for you now and what is the fee for it.

To upgrade the account maintenance fee, you need to click the "Change" button.

3. Fill in the form by choosing the account number to charge the fee and the new payment plan based on the amount of your incoming funds. After that click the "Save" button and confirm it with the code.

Note: The first monthly account maintenance tariff plan fee will be charged immediately after choosing the tariff plan.