On your TeslaPay account, you can find payment instructions for the transfers from other parties to your TeslaPay account.

Where can I find my personalized payment instructions?

1.  On the main page of your TeslaPay account, choose Deposit funds -> Payments instructions. 

2. On the opened page you will see the full list of the payment instructions in the different currencies. 

    Firstly, you need to choose the needed currency from the "Currency" column and after click the "Open PDF" button. 

3. The newly opened PDF file you can save and use as it needed. 

Note: Every separate bank details document is valid for the different currency. 

If you chose EUR currency, you can get only payments in EUR by this payment instructions. If you need to get payment in another currency, please open a corresponding pdf document.

Example of payment instructions in EUR.

Example of payment instructions in GBP.